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Wad Upload System in place!
There is anow a wad upload system in place for anyone to use.  The upload limit is 10 MB, and your wad should be hosted indefinately.  Here's the llink:  linkage

Old site template back in use!
As you can plainly see, teh old site template is back in place.  The whole TinyPortal thing just didn't work out.
Written By Swantz, November 11, 2006

New Forum

I've switched our forum software from PHPBB2 to SMF.  Hope you all enjoy!  Attachments are now allowed as well.

New Project

We have also set into motion a new project.  Basically a sitcom for DooM.  We should have a pilot in a few weeks, after that, opinions are greatly appreciated.

Written By Swantz, June 29, 2006

Humor Section Finally Up!

Well, after a long wait, due in major part to my laziness, the humor section is now partially up!  The logs will slowly grow in number as we keep finding them.  Since in-game footage is kind of lacking, it will remain empty until we get a special project we're working on under way.

New content will be added as it is acquired.  If you have something funny, please post it in the forums!

Written By Swantz, May 22, 2006

New HQ under contsruction!

Nestea, Mike, and Chromen are hard at work on the new HQ.  Nestea is doing the bulk of the mapping while Mike is adding his touch here and there.  Chromen is doing a wonderful job of finding and creating new textrues for the wad.  The latest verstion can be found  here.

It requires Maghq34 to run, which can be found here.

Written By Swantz, April 2, 2006

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